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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: story posted
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 16:02:14 GMT
Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:

> >You can also see text in our bug database from a prominent PHP developer
> >saying that the filter API needs to be redone from scratch (my
> >paraphrase).  For the enthusiastic PHP users, such comments carry a lot
> >of weight and imply that PHP isn't production ready with 2.0 not because
> >  nobody has made it a high priority to make PHP production ready but
> >instead because there is something flawed about Apache 2.0.
> Well, I stand by that.  The filter API is a bloody mess.  Something which
> should be simple and elegant has turned into this amazingly complex 
> tangle
> of code that is nearly impossible to figure out.
> -Rasmus

What I think is useful information to people who want PHP+Apache-2.0 is:

a) is PHP not production ready with Apache 2.0 because it was not high 
enough priority for PHP to be tested?


b) is PHP not production ready with Apache 2.0 because Apache 2.0 must 
be fixed before such a thing is even possible?

I see more comments implying b) than a).  As such, it seems that anybody 
that wants to hack PHP to work better with 2.0 is wasting their time.

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