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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: story posted
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 06:56:28 GMT
Greg Stein wrote:

> Some questions for thought: if we start banging out versions right and left,
> then will people actually upgrade? Are we doomed to live with 1.3 forever?
> Or do we have to stick with today's architecture to support binary
> compatibility for N years?

I think OS distributions will play a large role in this. When the 
Solaris / Redhat / Suse / IBM / Whoever people start shipping v2.0 with 
their OS'es (which has already started happening in the case of redhat) 
adoption will be quite quick.

In addition, apache v2.0 comes with SSL + LDAP built in, where v1.3 did 
not - this will probably give people more reason to use it.

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