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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject Re: layering mod_auth_digest and mod_python authentication in apache2
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2003 01:30:59 GMT
--On Monday, February 10, 2003 4:42 PM -0800 Paul Querna 
<> wrote:

> Okay, so now the big question, how long do you think it will be
> before Apache2.1 is released?  2 Months? 6 Months? 1+ Year(s)?
> I am willing to code it out for Apache2.1 assuming it will be
> coming fairly soon, but if it is too far off, i will have todo it
> another way.

I'd hope within 3-4 months, but the real answer is, 'whenever it is 
ready.'  I have a feeling we'd be better off with smaller more 
incremental changes between minor releases.  (The aaa code has been 
there since last August, so I think it is reasonably stable.)

I think we definitely have to have the APR situation straightened out 
before we can even consider a 2.2.  Yet, perhaps I will roll a 2.1 
release in the next few weeks just to get one out there.

At ApacheCon, we discussed a way that we could backport the new aaa 
modules to 2.0, but I won't have the time to do that.  If someone 
wanted to do that, it'd be goodness.  (It wouldn't break backwards 
compatibility if done carefully.)

The only major thing I'd like to see happen before 2.2 (and that I 
think is reasonable in that timeframe) is getting a handle on the 
mod_dav memory situation and cleaning up how it uses pools.  I know 
some other people have thoughts for HEAD that they could get in in 
the next few months.  -- justin

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