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From "Paul Querna" <>
Subject Re: mod_authn_mysql
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 15:23:21 GMT
> hmmm, I actually like the idea.  It would allow us to create a very feature
> rich auth module, supporting all sorts of different kinds of schemas 
> for group membership and what not. - I disagree that the sql re-use 
> would just be a few lines, I think it would be quite a bit more if 
> features were added.
> >It would be different if the proposed mod_authn_sql (or mod_authn_rdbm)
> would
> >implement a generic connection pooling.
> this, IMO, doesn't belong in an auth module itself.  if you 
> implement connection pooling it should be independent of who is 
> using the connections.

okay, so why not just put libdbi(somthing like it/based off of it) into APR-Util?

I wonder if the libdbi people would be willing to re-license.. They are
currently using LGPL.


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