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From "Paul Querna" <>
Subject Re: mod_authn_mysql
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 06:23:48 GMT
> 1. using signal is not good, or portable, or threadsafe ;( Is there a
> way to write a mysql sql connection without using signals at all?
> 2. connection pools would be a good thing IMHO

#1 is already done, and I am working on #2
> 3. instead of specifying the userfield/passwordfield/table as directives
> maybe specify a SQL string with token placement
> eg. "select count(*) from usertabels where user=%U and realm=%R and
> password=crypt(%P)"

If anything I will maybe add both.  There are advantages and disadvantages to
both, so the best option is to let the end user decide. However, I want to
have connection pools working first, so this is a secondary priority.

> 4. I'm unsure about what the consequences of including a GPL header is.
>     you pointed out in IRC that there is a Public domain version of
> libmysql available (which is what PHP includes) does your module work
> with that?

to clarify libmysqclient is LGPL, not GPL.
This page explains what is required of programs using LGPL code:  (replace "teem" with "libmysqlclient")

My understanding is that dynamicaly linking is not a very big deal.

If linking to LGPL code is too much, I will investigate the public domain PHP
library further, but at this time I have not tested it.

> otherwise i'm +1 on it


> have you recieved any other comments about it?



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