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From Martin Kutschker <>
Subject RE: mod_vfsindex -- need some review
Date Fri, 07 Feb 2003 16:01:59 GMT
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 20:20:05 +0100
To: <>,
"'Justin Erenkrantz'" <>
From: "Mladen Turk" <>

> I've started the project on sourceforge,
> based on my existing codebase.
> Since I need that right now (read yesterday), I don't have time to
> wait for 3.0 or some other future release that will eventualy
> implement that.
> I would like to hear other people suggestions on the proposed design
> concept, before it goes too far.

A (minor) point:
IMHO there should be no distinction between builtin and external modules. "Builtin" should
only have the meaning of being shipped and compiled by default.

External authentication:
remote vfs' may require authentication. The API/architecture needs methods to provide them.
Sounds like a though one.

I don't quite get the concept of it. Eg:


The address part *seems* to be a local file path, but that's rather odd since the zip file
could reside on any other vfs. Below my thoughts 

Alternate syntax 1:


Alternate syntax 2:


Note: obvisously we need a way to escape the # in names.

But perhaps I am just misunderstandig you.

A nesting level of two is not enough - think of a gzipped tar (on any vfs) or - hey, a MIME
message :-)

Still, an interesting concept.


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