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From Hans Zaunere <>
Subject Re: Graceful shutdown in 2.0
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 13:29:05 GMT

--- Graham Leggett <> wrote:
> David Burry wrote:
> > um, but if you're talking about shutting down the proxy itself (i.e. the
> > whole service, cutting off all load balanced machines behind it) that's
> > hardly graceful to begin with.... so why bother to make it graceful...
> If your proxy machines were being load balanced by an Alteon switch (or 
> whatever) you could probably tell the switch to stop sending new 
> connections to the proxy in question, while allowing the old connections 
> to finish. Of course this is based on whether the Alteon (or whatever) 
> config will let you do this of course.
> On the proxy side, maybe some generic function in Apache that is not 
> proxy specific could signal Apache to go into a "disabled" state, where 
> new connections get "connection refused", while old connections run 
> their course. The load balancer I assume would detect this state and 
> pass any new requests on to other machines. You could use ./apachectl 
> disable and ./apachectl enable to achieve this.

I've wondered about this as well.  Even for just single servers, it'd be nice
to shutdown the server "gracefully".  Often, I'm more comfortable with
stopping and then starting the server than doing a reload, so a graceful
shutdown would be useful, unless I'm missing something that already exists.


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