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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <>
Subject FreeBSD-5.0 / -HEAD as of today - exports.c bonkers ?
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2003 15:49:55 GMT

Because I was bitten by this problem; I did a totally
redo-from scratch to find sanity.

And got a zillion of:

	/home/dirkx/tmp/http/httpd-2.0/server/exports.c:1541: redefinition of
	`ap_hack_apr_base64_encode_len' previously defined here

exports.c file is essentially double: one from here

 * /usr/home/dirkx/tmp/http/httpd-2.0/srclib/apr-util/include/apr_base64.h

and one further down from here.

 * /home/dirkx/tmp/http/httpd-2.0/srclib/apr-util/include/apr_base64.h

I.e. the file:


contains them twice; propably from


Is this some transient thing in the configure stuff ? Is my libtool out of
date ? (GNU libtool) 1.3.4-freebsd-ports (1.385.2.196 1999/12/07 21:47:57)

or did I do something unbelievably stupid ?


	# NOTE: no apr installed anywhere.
	mkdir -p tmp/http
	cd tmp/http
	cvs  -d co httpd-2.0
	cd httpd-2.0
	( cd srclib ; cvs -d co apr  apr-util)
	./configure --with-maintainer-mode

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