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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Apache q for site.
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2003 18:20:33 GMT
An answer to a user question (and a gripe from me since I've hit this
problem myself on;

> [the links] point to .tar.gz files, which exist.  When they are clicked on,
> however, they are being renamed to .tar.tar files. Any ideas?

Renamed by the browser, not the server.

Check in mime.types that we have content types for .tar *and* .gz.  The
default defines only .tar, so we return application/x-tar.  If it included .gz,
the *final* pathname element determines the mime type, which would
be application/x-gzip.

Almost makes you wish for application/x-gtar or something.  You can only
count on gnu tar to support tar -z.

Anyways, because the content type is application/x-tar, and the browser
sees the *final* extension is .gz, it is choosing to replace .gz with .tar or
even adding another .tar (e.g., .tar.gz.tar which I've seen also.)

Seems like the ASF needs to choose between removing application/x-tar
or adding application/x-gzip in the default mime types.  Sure, we have a 
general policy against adding x- extentions, but by adding one, we open
ourselves up to problems. :-)


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