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From "David Burry" <>
Subject Re: Graceful shutdown in 2.0
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 21:05:07 GMT
On our systems we just rename that "alteoncheck.txt" file to
"alteoncheck_DOWN.txt" when we're going to bring a server down (causing a
404 error for the health check, which stops all new requests), it
effectively does the same thing you describe without the hassle of writing a
handler.  And yes it is very nice in that it's easily automated...

So, yes, it would be very nice to have a graceful shutdown, but it's not
necessarily high priority for those who have some sort of load balancer box
(not round robin DNS ;) because there are other relatively simple ways to
achieve the same effect...


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From: "Andrew Ho" <>

> On a more load balancer specific note, Alteons (and some other load
> balancers) use the concept of a health check URL. Our Alteons are
> configured for example to check for a specific URL (for example, the
> Alteon might do a "GET alteoncheck.txt HTTP/1.0" every 2 seconds).
> I had a plan originally to write a handler that accepts requests for this
> heartbeat check... on some signal (a particular request? an OS signal?) it
> would start returning an error for the heartbeat check case, but keep
> servicing all other requests as normal. Eventually, the Alteon would
> decide that that machine was bad, and the number of connections would fall
> to zero; it would then be safe to take the server out of rotation.
> The benefit of this scenario is that you don't have to touch the load
> balancer at all to get individual machines in and out of the load
> balancer. Also, this type of scenario is far more automatable (rather than
> telnetting into, say, a load balancer console interface and navigating
> menus, ugh).

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