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From "David Burry" <>
Subject Re: Graceful shutdown in 2.0
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2003 21:01:14 GMT
um, but if you're talking about shutting down the proxy itself (i.e. the
whole service, cutting off all load balanced machines behind it) that's
hardly graceful to begin with.... so why bother to make it graceful...

I assumed you meant just gracefully shutting down one single load balanced
machine behind the proxy machine... you can do that already now by a)
configuring the proxy machine to stop routing (new) requests to it, b)
graceful restart the proxy machine to make the new config go into effect, c)
wait till the existing connections to that behind-the-proxy machine are
finished with a timeout if necessary (sort of part of the graceful restart
process in the proxy machine), then d) shut down the machine behind the
proxy, in that order.  External users should not notice anything at all in
this scenario.

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From: "Bill Stoddard" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 04, 2003 12:25 PM
Subject: Re: Graceful shutdown in 2.0

> David Burry wrote:
> > The same effect is already possible by configuring your proxying machine
> > stop forwarding new requests to that box first....
> Yep, that's the idea. In the scenario I'm interested in, Apache httpd
> -is- the proxy machine!
> Bill

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