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From "Joseph Ferner" <>
Subject RE: Standarizing mod_auth_ldap across LDAP SDKs...
Date Fri, 14 Feb 2003 22:20:45 GMT
I think the changes are great but I was wondering...

> - Added new generic SSL directives to mod_ldap:
>         LDAPTrustedCA - specifies the Trusted Certificate Authority
> used for SSL server cert  verification.  

Should this directive be LDAPCACertificateFile instead of LDAPTrustedCA
to match the naming convention of mod_ssl.

>         LDAPTrustedCAType - specifies the certificate authority type
> (DER_FILE, BASE64_FILE,  CERT7_DB_PATH).  The SDKs require different
> types.    
>   These two directives are used together to support the different

LDAPTrustedCAType -> LDAPCACertificateType (See above)

Should the BASE64_FILE change to PEM_FILE.  I know PEM is BASE64 but one
has a header and the other does not, to my understanding.

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