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From André Malo>
Subject auth dbm problem
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2003 19:41:01 GMT
during the auth rewrite it happend, that the return code of the dbm_fetch 
will be used. this results in a 500 Response, if the user has an _empty_ 
user id supplied (bad key, SDBM returns APR_EINVAL, for example, but it 
seems, that every dbm type cooks its own return code; can't test other 
types at the moment, sorry).
Anyway this currently results in the wrong message "dbm file could not be 

I'm not sure, what choice is better:

- simply ignore return code of dbm_fetch
- do an extra dbm_exists check before the real fetch
- ?

See for example mod_authn_dbm.c:122
(in comparison with the good ol' mod_auth_dbm.c:150)

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