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From André Malo>
Subject move RFC 1413 out of core?
Date Mon, 13 Jan 2003 00:13:00 GMT
hmm, I'd like to move the ident code out of core into a separate module, 
say "mod_ident", since it's a feature, which is hardly used in more than 1% 
of the cases, where the apache httpd will be used. But before doing any 
effort: are there any objections on this?

implementation planned that way: mod_ident registers an optional function 
in core, which will be called from the ap_get_remote_logname if available.
(that api function should probably stay in core, if other modules rely on 
it, shouldn't it?)

It also should handle the %...l logformat in mod_log_config, so that this 
specific logformat function will also moved to mod_ident.


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