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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject APACHE_2_0_BRANCH and APR
Date Mon, 13 Jan 2003 18:35:38 GMT
There are two votes in the STATUS that deserve some on list discussion.

    * APACHE_2_0_BRANCH uses a level of APR code branched from the
      APACHE_2_0_43 tag.
      yes:   trawick, jerenkrantz
      no:    wrowe
        wrowe observes that we have already finished substantial
        bug fixing in 0.9.2-dev since APACHE_2_0_43, so branching
        there seems arbitrary.

    * APACHE_2_0_BRANCH uses a level of APR code versioned 0.9.2-dev
        or later (to 0.9.9), so long it remains binary compatible.
      yes:   wrowe
        wrowe suggests that when apr chooses to break compatibility,
        httpd would continue to use that last compatible build.

to the best of my knowledge, there is stuff in APR HEAD that breaks binary
compatability. Bill Rowe, how do you plan to reconcile tihs with your vote? In
principle, I agree that branching exactly at APACHE_2_0_43 might not be best
because it does not pick up good fixes, but your alternative does not address
the brokeness that exists now.


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