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From Aaron Bannert <>
Subject Re: merging httpd-pop3 into httpd-2.0?
Date Mon, 27 Jan 2003 04:49:00 GMT

On Saturday, January 25, 2003, at 11:52  PM, Harrie Hazewinkel wrote:
> Just another thing comes to mind. How about CVS access??
> I beleibe if people are willing to work on this a seperate CVS
> repository would allow quicker people to develop on it.
> People working on the pop module, do not neccessarly have and
> get CVS access to the httpd reposotory and in such a case
> the POP development is depending on people who have CVS access
> to httpd.
> This is a practical matter, but IMHO valid.

Actually, I think this is a great point and I agree.
A decoupling of the modules from the core will IMHO
encourage more independent development and probably
encourage better interfaces as well.


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