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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject RE: Tagged and Rolled 2.0.44
Date Sat, 18 Jan 2003 19:50:04 GMT
At 10:15 AM 1/18/2003, Sander Striker wrote:

>It is a small effort to re-roll with 1.4.3 and therefor I'll do
>just that.
>In the re-roll I have bumped CHANGES,* and
>srclib/pcre/NWGNUmakefile, since these contained small wrongs
>that didn't touch code or were platform specific minor fixes.
>Anyway, the new tarballs are up at:

The corresponding package was updated and sent up
to /dev/dist.  All of Sander's changes are up-to-date.  New .mak/.dep
files were rolled (twice) because the machine I rolled the .zip package
on didn't have a proper headers exclusion list (and therefore picked
up some local PSDK headers, my bad for not double checking before.)

On yet another machine that .zip builds and installs successfully.  Nice
to have one other user try that build.

Finally, working on the Win32 installer changes, and a test of that should
be up and ready later this afternoon.  We have the new bin/iconv/*.so files 
to include in the binary release, amoung other new changes.


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