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From "Dietz, Phil E." <>
Subject CGI brigades
Date Thu, 30 Jan 2003 17:17:31 GMT
I just read this:
    * pipes deadlock on all platforms with limited pipe buffers (e.g. both
      Linux and Win32, as opposed to only Win32 on 1.3).  The right solution
      is either GStein's proposal for a "CGI Brigade", or OtherBill's proposal
      for "Poll Buckets" for "Polling Filter Chains".  Or maybe both :-)

I imagine this is in regards to stderr and stdout contending at the same time.
What if mod_cgi registered as output filter (the 1st one)...
and all that filter did was :
   - read from the pipe bucket, convert it to a heap bucket, and passed it on to the other
output filters.....
   - stderr is read in and discarded...
Would this solve any of the issues ?
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