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From "Dietz, Phil E." <>
Subject how to pass special data to output_filters
Date Wed, 15 Jan 2003 17:49:36 GMT
I want to have mod_cgi export stderr to specially-registered output filters....
(then if a cgi app writes to stderr, all stdout output could be replaced with a "cgibomb report"
 or do something else.)

My first guess to do this is to load stderr into a bucket brigade, copy it into a ctx record,
then register the 3rd party module output filter with this special ctx structure.

Lengthy description:

	3rd party module calls a special OPTIONAL function:
		cgi_register_output_and_stderr_filter("myname", runme, NULL,  AP_FTYPE_CONTENT);

	That in turn updates a linked list inside mod_cgi... (it adds "myname" and runme to it).

	When a cgi app is run in mod_cgi, 
		mod_cgi puts stderr into a brigade.
		creates a ctx structure and copies the stderr brigade to this ctx.
		foreach name in the linked list, run ap_register_output_filter()...passing this special
ctx structure and the other data the 3rd party module passed.

	Then at request-finish time, all ctx's and bucket_brigades will be freed by mod_cgi.

Is this the correct way ?

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