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From Bill Stoddard <>
Subject Re: Altogether Broken OtherChild logic
Date Fri, 31 Jan 2003 15:11:34 GMT
So I 've actually spent some time looking at this...

>apr_proc_other_child_check() on Unix came first, afaict.
Right you are.

>Now we're left with ery simple problem.  OC works on Unix today, and 
>it's broken on Win32.  Unix's logic is well exercised by a larger group,
>WinNT's by a much smaller minority.  I trust their logic, but the names
>don't match up.
>I'm just going to try to wire it all back together such that Unix (working) 
>stays working, and Win32 is fixed for 2.0.45 within the next few days.
>Yes - it's bogus they called a fn apr_proc_other_child_check() as 
>*THE* restart signal.  But renaming that fn now is probably safer.
I agree.

>As for your question about polling, if we cycle every second we waste
>cpu - if we sample every few seconds we lose more log entries etc.
>If we receive alerts when the otherchild processes die we can react
>immediately without the extra loops.
In principle I agree but I am not sure the extra complexity of your 
proposed solution is worthwhile for implementing reliable piped logs.  I 
really hate complex solutions to simple problems.  Complexity makes the 
code more difficult to debug and maintain and raises the entry barrier 
for new folks interested in joining the project.   I often hear the 
argument for a complex solution in favor of a simpler solution because 
the complex solution "might be useful for other applications" or is 
"more extensible", etc.  This is a good line of argument and is quite 
often true, but not always.  It -is- possible to over engineer (biggie 
size :-) software.  I'll happily review whatever you come up with, so 
party on dude.


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