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From Estrade Matthieu <>
Subject Re: authz / authn and mod_auth_ldap
Date Fri, 17 Jan 2003 18:43:51 GMT

I read the discussion for few messages, i am not an apache developper, 
so i will speak as a user. IMHO, Splitting into two modules will make 
auth more complex. actually, it's not really easy to setup, and the 
documentation is not always up to date.



Bill Stoddard wrote:

> Graham Leggett wrote:
>> Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
>>> No, you don't *have* to split them into different modules.  One 
>>> module could register for both authn/authz providers.  The only 
>>> reason we split was because their wasn't a lot of shared code 
>>> between the other auth modules.  I think mod_auth_ldap has a lot of 
>>> shared code in its authn/authz split.
>> All (or most) of the shared code is in mod_ldap already. It should be 
>> relatively easy to split mod_auth_ldap into mod_authn_ldap and 
>> mod_authz_ldap.
> Why would we want to split the module into two pieces?  What benefit 
> to users does it provide and do those benefits (whatever they are) 
> outweigh the additional complexity of knowing when/whether you need to 
> load each piece?
> Bill
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