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From Kris Verbeeck <>
Subject Re: using my module
Date Mon, 13 Jan 2003 08:16:14 GMT
fabio rohrich wrote:
>  Hi all,
> I have no a server at home, only a linux station. I'm
> writing a module that modify the html content. I have
> the problem that I don't know how to simulate the
> client server environment. I mean: I can set up a
> module in a location (with its handler) and I can see
> how it works (like example-info). but if I want that
> my module interacts with a file requested from the
> client, how xan i do it? For example, I can add to my
> apache the module gzip, but how can I see if it works?

Use a packet sniffer and check what is actually being transmitted by
client/server.  (e.g.

> I want just to see on my browser the file I request
> after my module has "filtered" it.

That's the mod_blanks module, right?  Can't you just request the
file in your browser and then save it (the source) and check whether
any blanks were removed?

Or are you having trouble enabling the module?  Because then it
will be a configuration (or programming) issue.

ir. Kris Verbeeck
Development Engineer

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