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From Greg Ames <>
Subject Re: setting of AC_AUX_DIR in
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2003 20:17:56 GMT
Jeff Trawick wrote:
> Greg Ames <> writes:
>>Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
>>>--On Monday, January 06, 2003 16:58:24 -0500 Greg Ames
>>><> wrote:
>>>>But what's the advantage of copying all these files rather than just
>>>>leaving AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR pointing to APR's build dir?
>>>You don't need srclib/{apr,apr-util} present to build httpd.
>>...assuming you run ./buildconf with srclib/apr/build present.  It
>>still has a dependency.
>>OK, the light bulb is coming on, thanks.  Since you usually don't need
>>to run ./buildconf on our release tarballs, non-CVS users gain some
>>I'll commit your patch with the change I mentioned in a bit.
> Has anybody verified that it actually works to not have srclib/apr?
> It doesn't work for me.
> Since buildconf is broken without srclib/apr, I first did buildconf
> then renamed srclib/apr and srclib/apr-util.  Configure completed, but
> the generation of exports.c fails since the makefiles assume that apr
> and apr-util header files can be found under srclib.
> Here is what I would recommend:
> a) Set AC_AUX_DIR like it was historically (assume there is srclib/apr).
> b) Release 2.0.44
> c) Re-integrate into APACHE_2_0_BRANCH Fred's changes to separate from 
>    APR, though with the portability fixes this time.

Sounds like a plan.

I'll be happy to change back, but what do I commit it against? 
2.0-stable?  If so, what's the process (since it doesn't make any sense to put 
it into 2.1 first)?  Post patch & ask for votes before committing, then make 
sure Sander knows about it?


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