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From Brian Pane <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] remove some mutex locks in the worker MPM
Date Thu, 02 Jan 2003 21:53:23 GMT
Aaron Bannert wrote:

> The patch looks good at first glance. Have you done any testing
> to see how much it improves performance (on UP and MP machines)
> and if it has any effect when APR is build with generic atomics?

Here are the performance numbers that I have.  I ran
httpd-2.1.0-dev on an 8x167MHZ CPU Sun with Solaris 8
(32-bit mode).  The client driver sent a fixed number
of concurrent requests for a 1-byte file (to keep the
time spent in network writes from overshadowing the

I tested with both the SPARC V8+ native atomic ops
and APR's mutex-based default atomics:

50 clients
                              load  %CPU  req/s
standard 2.1.0-dev worker     4.59  0.53  1090
patched w/native atomic ops   4.57  0.53  1097
        w/mutex atomic ops    4.70  0.52  1093

100 clients
                              load  %CPU  req/s
standard 2.1.0-dev worker     4.74  0.54  1070
patched w/native atomic ops   4.69  0.54  1083
        w/mutex atomic ops    4.61  0.54  1067

Basically, the patch results in a slightly higher
throughput with lower CPU load.  That matches what
I'd expect from a reduction of mutex contention.
With the mutex-based fallback implementation of the
apr_atomic API, performance was slightly worse than
the original worker code in the 100-client case, but
faster in the 50-client case.  (The effect of using
my worker patch with the mutex-based atomics is to
increase the number of lock calls while reducing
the amount of time spent in each critical region.
These two effects seem to counteract each other.)


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