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From Thom May <>
Subject Mass Vhosting SuExec (was Re: [PATCH] remove hardcoding of suexec log location)
Date Wed, 01 Jan 2003 22:43:18 GMT
* Aaron Bannert ( wrote :
> The log is generated from the suexec binary, not httpd, right?
> Then we can't use a directive to control it and it needs to be
> hardcoded for safety.
The other issue for suexec is mass vhosting; this has somewhat different
needs, and mostly results in ISPs patching suexec to do what they need,
which seems like a bad thing unless the ISPs can sucessfully audit the
resulting codebase.
The real problem is that mass vhosting generates large numbers of document
roots; covering them all with one docroot compiled into suexec can result
in, eg, /home being set as the docroot. Compiling with a list of document
roots sounds good in principal, but we on average add a site an hour,
recompiling suexec every hour isn't particularily practical, and the
configure args would be several miles long :-)
It seems to me that a different binary would be the best path;
suexec-mass-vhost or whatever. it needs to be able to work correctly with
mod_vhost_alias, and it potentially needs to be able to take docroot
arguments from httpd.conf.

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