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From Brian Pane <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0/server/mpm/worker fdqueue.c
Date Sun, 12 Jan 2003 00:27:25 GMT
Greg Ames wrote:
> Brian Pane wrote:
> > Greg Ames wrote:
> >> apr_atomic_dec?  That does return something.
> > The problem is that, since we have to use apr_atomic_cas for the
> > increment (due to the lack of a return value on apr_atomic_inc),
> > we can't use apr_atomic_dec on the same variable.  apr_atomic_cas
> > works on apr_uint32_t, while apr_atomic_dec works on apr_atomic_t.
> > If we could change the apr_atomic_inc/dec functions to use
> > this part of the fdqueue code could become a lot simpler.
> I am certainly in favor of changing apr_atomic_inc/dec so they can be
> I'm wondering if it's ok to use an ordinary apr type, like
apr_uint32_t? or do 
> we need special atomic types marked as volatile or memory-resident or
> so that gcc won't assign them to registers or optimize them out or
???  I don't 
> know the answer, but have seen kernel code do such things (OK Jeff,
I've been 
> infected by the hope for me).

As far as I know, we can make it work with apr_uint32_t on most
platforms, as long as we declare any inline assembly blocks as
volatile (thanks to Sascha Schumann for fixing this recently in
apr_atomic_cas on Linux).

The one platform I'm not sure of is OS/390, due to the special
data types and API involved:

> > I still have one more change I'm hoping to make in the fdqueue
> > synchronization logic: move the queue manipulation code in
> > ap_queue_push/pop outside the mutex protected region by maintaining
> > a linked list of queue nodes with apr_atomic_casptr.  
> Sounds good, as long as the pops are single threaded somehow, or if
you have 
> some other way of getting around the A-B-A cas pop window.

I'm planning on spinning around the CAS; i.e., retry if the
CAS fails due to a collision with another thread.  The queue_info
synchronization, which uses that same technique, seems to be
working well in practice.


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