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From "Brad Nicholes" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH-3] Allowing extended characters in LDAP authentication...
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2002 18:55:54 GMT
   The charset conversion that is happening in LDAP is actually quite
specialized.  The general functionality of converting from one charset
to another already exists in APR in the form of apr_xlat_xxx().  LDAP is
only interested in converting the user ID from a given charset to UTF-8.
 Up until auth_ldap calls ap_get_basic_auth_pw(), the user ID and
password are encrypted in the "Authentication" header entry.  Until the
user ID and password have been decrypted, the conversion to UTF-8 can
not occur.  Therefore the conversion must take place from within
auth_ldap or any other authentication module after decrypting the user
information.  A module or filter outside of the authentication module
that does a blind charset conversion on the header information, would
not work because it would not be able to decrypt the user ID and
password, convert it and re-encrypt it in order to make the process
transparent to all authentication modules.  (Actually you could probably
make it work for base64, but what about digest?)
   On the other hand, the one place that the conversion could be done
is within the call to ap_get_basic_auth_pw().  But
ap_get_basic_auth_pw() or whatever function handles decrypting digest
authentication, would have to be modified so that it had access to the
"accept-language" header values.  This would allow it to convert from
the assumed browser's charset to UTF-8 or any other charset.  But the
down side is that the "accept-language" header value does not guarantee
that that is the charset the browser used when it sent the request.  It
is simply an indicator of what charset(s) the browser will accept. 
Auth_LDAP would be utilizing this functionality to at least attempt to
do the right thing rather than always failing.
   I do agree that we need some type of functionality that will convert
requests made in a particular charset to a universal charset that Apache
can rely on.  I'm just not sure this is it.  It seems to work for
auth_LDAP, but I'm not sure how to generalize it.  This is where a much
broader discussion need to take place.

Brad Nicholes
Senior Software Engineer
Novell, Inc., the leading provider of Net business solutions 

>>> Thursday, December 12, 2002 4:09:57 AM >>>
>    This patch eliminates the hardcoded charset table.  Instead it
>    reads the charset table from a conf file.  The directive
>    AuthLDAPCharsetConfig allows the admin to specify the charset
>    file.  Is there also a need to specify additional conversions
>    directly in the httpd.conf file through a different directive? 
>    seems that the charset conf file would be sufficient.  If there
>    multiple charsets per language, these can be set by specifying
>    5 character language ID rather than the 2 character ID similar to
>    the example in the charset.conv file for chinese. 

As nd said, if someone needs additional conversion, he will scream for

But something else is going around in my head. Why should this charset

conversion be limited to ladp? Well, I don't know where we need the 
conversion table too. But the table itself should be general available
all modules. Maybe some other modules would like to do the same.
A core (?) directive like LanguageCharsetConfig might be much more
then AuthLDAPCharsetConfig. So the next step would be to move the 
conversion function to core or apr or so, too. Each module, which needs
conversion, can call this funtion instead of having its own code.

Maybe there are some overlapping with mod_charset_lite which also does

charset conversion. 


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