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From André Malo>
Subject [PATCH]es next auth 2.1 stuff ;-)
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2002 21:10:54 GMT
the first (colon.diff) reintroduces a feature, that got lost somehow at the 
auth rewrite: the possibility to add groups and/or other data behind the 
password after a colon.

the second patch (dbmdigest.diff) uses the advantages of the auth rewrite 
and adds support for digest authentication to the authn_dbm module. The 
hash key is "$user:$realm" (perl speaking), the value is the hash, 
optionally followed by a colon and other garbage, if you want.
Currently there's no official tool to create such databases. So for now 
I've used a little perlscript, more or less stolen from the mod_rewrite 
docs, to convert a htdigest-created flatfile to sdbm (

Sorry for harassing you so often... ;-)

If God intended people to be naked, they would be born that way.
  -- Oscar Wilde

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