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From André Malo>
Subject Re: [Review] MPM docs revision
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2002 17:06:14 GMT
* Brad Nicholes wrote:

>>- mpm_netware:
>>  * MaxThreads - there was a limit of 250 documented. hmm, I couldn't
> find
>>   *any* reference to a value of 250, so I took the obvious from
>>    mpm_netware: MaxThreads 2048 (as maximum and default)
> The default for MaxThreads in the configuration file is 250.  If
> omitted it will default to the HARD_THREAD_LIMIT of 2048.  Which one of
> the defaults is appropriate for the documentation?

the value, if the directive is omitted.
(but we could consider to change the default in mpm_netware.c, if 2048 is 
too high in almost all cases (i.e. as a *default* value) and 250 is 

> The NetWare SecureListen directive, at the very least, should be added
> to the Novell NetWare Platform Specific Notes (platform/netware.html).
> There is a section on that page for Additional NetWare specific
> directives.

ah, hmm. CGIMapExtension is currently listed there, but documented in core.

I see some ways to handle it:

- put arch-specific directives into core.xml (CGIMapExtension, 
SecureListen, ScriptInterpreterSource, BS2000Account).

- introduce docs for the architecture modules (mod_win32, mod_netware, 
mod_nw_ssl). BS2000Account would be kept in mpm_common that way (or core?).

- put all arch specific the stuff to the mpm docs

I think, I'd prefer the second.

The directive is implemented through the built in module
> MOD_NW_SSL which is also NetWare specific.  I'm not sure if there should
> be an additional module documentation page for this module or not.  This
> is the module that implements SSL functionality for the NetWare platform
> and replaces the need to use MOD_SSL on NetWare.  The SecureListen
> directive takes an "<IPAddress:port> | <port>" and the name of a
> certificate.

there's a third, optional parameter. What does it do?

> If you want to add this directive to the NetWare doc, I can fill in the
> details later.

ok, when we've puzzled out the above.

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