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From André Malo>
Subject [Review] MPM docs revision
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2002 02:09:58 GMT
[xpost dev & docs]

the MPM documentation is currently incomplete and partially outdated.
I've tried to remove this flaw... ;-)

the patch against the existing source files (xml) can be found at 
<> (~ 68K). If you want to read it as 
HTML, try <> as a starting point.

However, here's a summary of the main changes:

- added new docs for beos, leader, mpmt_os2 and threadpool.
  The descriptions are mainly taken from the READMEs and/or code comments.
- mpm_common:
  * fixed the <modulelist>s in mpm_common
  * moved AcceptMutex to mpm_common;
    document the mutex mechanism "posixsem"
  * added BS2000Account to mpm_common
    (I'm not sure, whether it should appear here or elsewhere. It *seems* 
    to be supported only by prefork and perchild (if perchild would work). 
    The description is obtained from the 1.3 docs.
  * fixed several default values
  * moved MaxThreadsPerChild and NumServers out to perchild
    (btw: we could consider to rename NumServers to StartServers...)
  * rearranged some stuff and added several comments, that I found useful 
- mpm_netware:
  * MaxThreads - there was a limit of 250 documented. hmm, I couldn't find 
    *any* reference to a value of 250, so I took the obvious from 
    mpm_netware: MaxThreads 2048 (as maximum and default)
- perchild:
  * extended the explanations about using different user ids. Hope, that's 
  * extended and adjusted the directive descriptions
    (remember, NumServers and MaxThreadsPerChild moved in)
- prefork:
  * moved AcceptMutex to mpm_common (as stated already above)

Please note again, that these are only the main changes.

There is still one directive (except GProfDir ;-) that's not documented:
SecureListen, which comes with the netware ssl module. I didn't add it, 
because I'm a bit unsure, where to place it. any ideas?

Probably more interesting for the doccos: the growing up of the MPM section 
caused some style changes for better navigation etc. A diff against the 
style files can be found at <> (~ 17K).

Here are the main changes:

- reintroduced the sidebar for the module index page (obvious ;-)
  * didn't want to leave the section links so alone, thus added some
- changed the ordering of the core/MPMs as follows:
  * core
  * mpm_common
  * alphabetical list of the mpms (ordered by their "natural" names).
- same appeared on the sitemap 
- changed <h1> headings of the modulesynopsis files, so that they match the 
  titles in the sitemap. This should better reflect the nature of the 
  modules. (affects only core & MPMs)

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