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From André Malo>
Subject Re: what language is .tw?
Date Mon, 16 Dec 2002 19:22:00 GMT
* Lars Eilebrecht wrote:

> According to André Malo:
>> from the current
>> AddLanguage tw .tw
>> AddLanguage zh-tw .tw
>> what is here intended?

> Uhm, well, about 5-6 month ago we had a discussion
> about the and .tw files.
> The result was that we removed the big5 variant
> and changed .tw to .zh.

I'm confused...aaah. just grabbed and old version (2.0.35) and looked, 
what's there. Another look into the .var file:

Am I right, that the directives above should assign tw *and* zh-tw to the 
.tw extension? If I'm interpreting mod_mime correctly, that won't work (and 
didn't work ever). If that is actually the intention, this could probably 
be done with:

AddLanguage "tw, zh-tw" .zh

(hope, I'm not totally wrong here...)
(if correct, are there any implications to MultiViews?)

Hmm. the .zh file is currently not listed within index.html.var and will be 
delivered with the wrong charset (iso-8859-1), too. What was the reason to 
remove the .big5 extension?

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