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From André Malo>
Subject Re: Tagged the tree...
Date Sat, 07 Dec 2002 23:13:24 GMT
* Sander Striker wrote:

> I tagged the 2.0 tree just yet as STRIKER_2_0_44_PRE1 in an
> attempt to get the 2.0.44 show on the road.  Please test and
> point out any problems.

uhm. docs-problem ;-)

I forgot to mention:
docs/manual/mod/directives.html.ja.jis (rev. 1.13)

I'm missing:

docs/manual/mod/mod_auth.xml.ja (rev. 1.2)
docs/manual/mod/mod_auth.html.ja.jis (rev. 1.9)

and (also not mentioned before, sorry!):

docs/manual/mod/mod_access.xml.ja (rev. 1.1)
docs/manual/mod/mod_access.html.ja.jis (rev. 1.8)

as said before, you may remove from the release:



Another problem appeared, that I just described in 

I guess, it's too late to resolve for 2.0.44, but I mention it, because I 
think, it's *perhaps* a blocker.

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