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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: Linux + TCP_CORK + IPv6 = Broken [PATCH]
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2002 21:18:34 GMT
Colm MacCárthaigh <colmmacc@Redbrick.DCU.IE> writes:

> > as David Reid reminded, the flag needs to default to 0 on the right
> > Linux boxen...  unless/until we get specific info, I plan to tweak
> > your patch to default it to --disable when building on Linux 2.4.x...
> > relatively few users who would encounter the problem are going to be
> > as able as you to dig to the bottom of it, and the symptoms mentioned
> > in subsequent bug reports may not trigger the right questions on the
> > part of the developers...
> Well, all I can say for certain is 2.4.18 is broken.

actually, I heard from a user off-line that it works fine with him for
2.4.18 on a couple of boxes

until we hear more we won't automatically assume the system is busted

> > In the interest of tying up loose ends, I'm still concerned with your
> > observation that --disable-sendfile didn't do the right thing...  did
> > you "make distclean" before re-configuring?
> The problem there was that --disable-sendfile isnt an option configure
> knows anything about, the right one is --without-sendfile, which does 
> work, and does fix the problem. :-)

oops, sorry about the wild goose chase!

Jeff Trawick |
Born in Roswell... married an alien...

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