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From Alex Varju <>
Subject Re: Memory leak on Windows [Bugzilla #11427]
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2002 18:32:18 GMT

I'm still trying to track the cause of this problem down, and I'm hoping
somebody around here can help me.

To summarize, I'm seeing Apache's memory footprint grow abnormally large
on Windows when using CGIs.  The size of the growth seems to be
proportional to the amount of data printed to stdout from the CGI.

Some sample data:
 - With 16 threads and 1 meg sent to stdout, combined physical and virtual
   memory reaches about 70 megs after hammering the server for several
 - If I increase the amount of stdout data to 2 megs, the process grows to
   about 130 megs within another few minutes.

I've spent the last few days reviewing the code, and I'm a bit confused
about the mpm_winnt pool cleanup code.  I haven't spent a lot of time
reading the code in the past, so there's a good chance that I've just
missed something.  As far as I can tell, ap_read_request() creates the
request pool, but nothing explicitly cleans it up.  Instead, it looks like
mpm_recycle_completion_context() clears the ptrans pool the next time the
thread handles a request.  While this seems funny to me, I don't see why
some of the memory would fail to be released.

I've tried to simplify my httpd.conf file to reduce the test case:

  ServerRoot c:/varju/webct/webct/server
  ThreadsPerChild 16
  LoadModule cgi_module modules/
  LoadModule alias_module modules/
  Listen 80
  ScriptAlias / c:/varju/webct/webct/webct/generic/public/

Can anybody offer me suggestions of where to look next?


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