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From Michael Montero <>
Subject mod_imagick...anyone?
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 19:37:13 GMT
Hello!  Wondering if anyone is working on/interested in a module that 
wraps the ImageMagick functionality?  I'm thinking it would be used as 

<IMG SRC="/images/blah.gif?im=rot|90;size|100x100|....">

This would rotate the image 90 degrees and size it to 100x100 before 
delivery.  For brochureware sites, this would be useful in allowing them 
to upload 1 image and deliver it anywhere, any size, any....well, 
any way that ImageMagick can process it.

If no one is currently working on this, I believe I can crank this out 
fairly quickly.


Michael C. Montero
Chief Technology Officer
Community Connect Inc. Co-founder

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