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From Mike Cramer <>
Subject [PATCH] make mod_rewrite [P] stuff work in mod_dir and mod_include
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2002 22:33:34 GMT
In httpd-2.0, mod_dir uses ap_internal_fast_redirect once it has found 
an appropriate file from the DirectoryIndex list. This change makes it 
impossible to use mod_rewrite's proxypass feature on an index file. 
mod_dir finds the file, but returns its source instead of the output of 
the proxypass. The first patch "mod_dir-proxyfix.diff" reverts mod_dir 
back to its old behavior, which is to start up an entirely new 
subrequest once it finds the proper index file.

That change gets httpd-2.0 back to 1.3.27's behavior, which itself has 
another somewhat related bug. The second attachment 
"mod_rewrite+mod_dir-proxyfix.diff" is basically the same patch I posted 
to bug 14648, forward ported to 2.0.43. This patch allows mod_rewrite to 
do proxy-substitutions in subrequests. This fixes a bug which causes 
mod_rewrite-based proxypass directives to work differently from things 
setup directly in mod_proxy.

Mike Cramer

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