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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] Fix proxy's handling of input bodies
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2002 07:10:29 GMT
--On Tuesday, December 3, 2002 8:10 AM -0800 Brian Pane 
<> wrote:

>> This sounds a bit more reasonable to me. That is, send chunked if
>> the client will accept chunked, else send a connection: close
>> header (which will tell the client we are done sending).  As a
>> compromise, we could start off buffering and if we hit some magic
>> threshold and we still do not know the c-l, add a connection:
>> close header and start sending.
> +1.  Buffering up to, say, 8KB sounds good to me.  For anything
> larger than that, there's little harm in sending Connection: close.

Actually, I just remembered that's invalid.  A request can't indicate 
its end of the request body with a Connection: Close.  A server can 
do that for a response, but not a client with a request.  I remember 
encountering this situation before (with a really poorly implemented 
custom proxy), and Roy pointed out that this is a no-no in the RFC. 
(You can't get away with a 'half-close.')

So, it's either T-E or C-L.  If it is C-L, we must buffer everything. 
No way around this.  -- justin

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