Yep, it is probably a 3.0 feature.  I have done some work with async i/o on Windows and Linux and would be really interested in seeing your code.
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I have been modifying the Winnt MPM to support IO Completion ports to avoid client per thread model.


I also refactored mod_echo for testing purposes. I'm almost done but I think the async i/o is going to introduce all sorts of compatibility problems with filters that block while reading or writing. But if the modules are aware of this, this is a workable solution.


I have no problem contributing the code but I think there is some planning and discussion that need to happen before Apache can move to Async I/O.


Since you guys went through the pain of a new model for modules in 2.0, I think if the model for async i/o is different, this will cause a lot of complains.


Do you guys see async I/O as a 3.0 feature rather than a 2.0.



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