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From André Malo>
Subject [PATCH] DeflateFilterNote extension
Date Fri, 22 Nov 2002 02:08:35 GMT
This bubbled up on some discussion with statistic freaks:

The attached patch allows the user to log the accurate filter input and 
output byte count, instead of only the rounded compression ratio.
The DeflateFilterNote directive will be extended as follows:

DeflateFilterNote [type] name

type can be one of "input", "output" or "ratio". "ratio" is assumed if the 
type is omitted (backwards compatible).

DeflateFilterNote input deflate-in
DeflateFilterNote output deflate-out

LogFormat '%t "%r" %{deflate-in}n/%{deflate-out}n' deflate

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                                    (found in ssl_engine_pphrase.c)

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