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From André Malo>
Subject Pending mod_negotiation patches
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2002 02:26:34 GMT
Sorry, I don't want to harass someone, but there are two pending patches of 
mod_negotiation.c. This is just a reminder, since the patches seem to 
become overlooked and/or forgotten.

Short summary of the previous mails:

- env.patch introduces a behaviour similar to mod_deflate and drops all 
non-identity encoded ressources from the variant list according to the 
current no-gzip or gzip-only-text/html settings. Useful for statically 
compressed content.

- body.patch sets the appropriate MIME headers, if a type map body is 
applied (Content-language, Content-type; charset, Content-Encoding)

(both are against HEAD; both.patch contains...both ;-)

TIA, nd
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  -- Oscar Wilde

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