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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject RE: Final counting approaches...
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2002 15:24:36 GMT

> And the final option once APR is at 1.0 is to release an APR 1.0 release
> of Apache 2.0.x.  We would break our own versioning rules for the 2.0.x
> series, but folks haven't come to expect much stability out of 2.0 in the
> first place.

I think re-releasing 2.0.x against APR 1.0 would be a mistake (I am assumiming
of course that APR 1.0 would not be compatable with APR 0.9.x).  We are about to
send a signal to our users that 2.0.x is now 'stable'.  If we break it, that
just flushes our efforts down the tubes, don't you think?  Our message to the
user community should be easy to understand, direct and should not contain more
than ONE caveat.  I think our message should state that every release in the 2.0
series from 2.0.42 on out WILL be binary compatable with the previous releases.
The only caveat is if we discover a serious security exposure that requires
breaking binary compatability. Introducing an APR 1.0 caveat would not be cool


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