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From Wilfredo Sánchez <>
Subject favors GNU tar
Date Sun, 24 Nov 2002 20:18:34 GMT seems to prefer gtar to tar for archiving.  This doesn't 
actually happen on Mac OS X because on Darwin, it's 'gnutar', not 

   This is trivial to fix, except that I'd rather not use GNU tar if I 
don't have to.  The reason being that GNU tar generates 
non-POSIX-compliant tar archives, which when unpacked with POSIX tar 
potentially gives you a bogus @LongLink directory.  I'd rather use a 
POSIX tar program which both POSIX tar and GNU tar can unpack properly. 
  The only drawback there is if we have really long path names, POSIX 
tar craps out where GNU tar doesn't.  I don't think we have really long 
path names, though.

   So does anyone object if I un-favor GNU tar?

   Looks like the real reason we favor it is to use the -z option 
instead of having to run gzip after the fact.  Running gzip in a pipe 
chain would do as well, though.


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