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From "Dietz, Phil E." <>
Subject RFC on cgi-error hook
Date Fri, 08 Nov 2002 18:51:55 GMT
I want to add a new hook to apache2.

It's called the "cgi-stderr" hook.

If a CGI script emits anything on stderr, trap it into a bucket and let all modules who want
to look at the stderr bucket, do so.

This can be used to:
	escalate scripting errors, 
	throttle apache to the problematic site, 
	show special error documents, 
	integrate cgi development into IDEs, 

It would also let 3rd party vendors catch apache cgi-errors into their tool...such as a mod_unicenter.c,

(imagine that your database goes down, so the CGI sends a special message back on stderr.
 Apaches mod_throttle module sees that message and throttles access to the site).

Now my question...

Using mod_cgi is would it make sense to add a "cgi-stderr" hook to the server/core.c
I'd like to use the hook mechanism so any 3rd party module could react upon it.

I guess this "cgi-stderr" hook could also be called a "stderr_filter" to go with the input_filter
and output_filter hooks already available.


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