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From Wilfredo Sánchez <>
Subject Re: mod_auth_digest and updating the docs
Date Sat, 30 Nov 2002 06:53:24 GMT
On Friday, November 29, 2002, at 04:01  PM, Justin Erenkrantz wrote:

> Yeah, it's mentioned implicitly with the aaa changes in CHANGES 
> (almost every directive for our core aaa modules changed in subtle 
> ways due to this rewrite).  That directive wasn't updated with the 
> rest of the docs.  It just slipped through - it happens.
> The mod_authn_file docs says that it can be used with mod_auth_digest 
> and mod_auth_basic.  The only catch is that the file format implicitly 
> changes based on the front-end.  IMHO, that needs to be explained 
> pretty clearly in the mod_authn_file/mod_authn_dbm docs.

   If someone could do that, I'd appreciated it.  I want to switch to 
using it, so I can stay on HEAD, but right now all of my DAV stuff is 
disabled because I can't figure out how to enable auth, though your 
last email offers a clue.

> These little things probably reinforce my idea that the aaa changes 
> shouldn't be on the 2.0 branch until it gets more developer and user 
> feedback.  -- justin

   I agree with that.  This is a bit undercoooked for 2.0.  
Additionally, once we ship a table .x release, we should really avoid 
changes which break existing configurations until the next .y release, 


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