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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0/include ap_release.h
Date Sat, 23 Nov 2002 18:24:13 GMT
At 08:11 AM 11/23/2002, Jeff Trawick wrote:

>That sounds a lot like "decide which stuff now tagged
>APACHE_2_0_BRANCH should be deferred until 2.1" :)  (or at least
>"deferred until after 2.0.44").
>looking over diffs from APACHE_2_0_43 to APACHE_2_0_BRANCH:
>. auth changes: IIRC, smart people decided the auth changes aren't
>  going to hurt anybody, so that's okay with me

Agreed, as long as we rename the modules back to their old names
(e.g. authz_host back to access, authn_anon to auth_anon etc).  
Keep the hooks, that's goodness and doesn't break anyone (and
might just give a kick-in-the-pants to some authors to start using
the new hook architecture even for their 2.0 modules.)  

However, to maintain compatibility, perhaps we roll together the core
module sources (auth_basic, authn_file, authn_default, authz_user,
authz_groupfile, and authz_default) into one single mod_auth.

And if auth renamed directives, they need to be reverted on 2_0_BRANCH.

>. everything else: keep it in APACHE_2_0_BRANCH

I like as well.

>looking over diffs from APACHE_2_0_BRANCH to HEAD:
>. netware build changes: no opinion, but I don't see how it is going
>  to hurt anything

Actually, going back to the old auth we will need netware fixes over
on APACHE_2_0_BRANCH, but nothing too horrible.  Same on Win32.

>. LDAP changes to treat one API like another: no opinion, but I don't
>  see how it is going to hurt anything

>  this is:
>      as set by apr-util in util_ldap.c. This should allow mod_ldap
>      to work with the Netscape/Mozilla LDAP library. [Øyvin Sømme
>      <>, Graham Leggett]
>. everything else: needs to be in APACHE_2_0_BRANCH IMHO
>  this includes
>   *) Fix the building of cgi command lines when the query string
>      contains '='.  PR 13914  [Ville Skyttä <>,
>      Jeff Trawick]


>   *) Reorder the definitions for mod_ldap and mod_auth_ldap within
>      config.m4 to make sure the parent mod_ldap is defined first.
>      This ensures that mod_ldap comes before mod_auth_ldap in the
>      httpd.conf file, which is necessary for mod_auth_ldap to load.
>      PR 14256  [Graham Leggett]


>   *) Fix critical bug in new --enable-v4-mapped configure option
>      implementation which broke IPv4 listening sockets on some
>      systems.  [hiroyuki hanai <>]


>  as well as some doc fixes

Of course the old auth 'user' docs need to come back to 2_0_BRANCH
so that the 2_0 docs are legible to all 2.0 users.  And that work was
never really finished, so time to get busting on cvs HEAD so we start
to get close to a 2_1 developers release :-)  I suspect many how-to's
need to change for the auth module renames as well.

Just a reminder to all... where 

cvs co -d httpd-2.1 httpd-2.0   will get you cvs development head.

cvs co -r APACHE_2_0_BRANCH httpd-2.0   will get you cvs 2.0 head.

it's easy to switch, cvs up or cvs co with -A gets you head, while -r gets
you back on the branch.


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