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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: RFC: move mod_ext_filter to modules/filters now*
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2002 17:36:14 GMT
At 10:17 AM 11/14/2002, you wrote:
>*or after tagging 2.0.44; that distinction isn't important to me; I
>just want to get the ball rolling to move it out of experimental;
>OtherBill, if a tag is still imminent, then it will definitely move
>*AFTER* 2.0.44; there is no need to complicate matters;

Well, Sander is thinking about doing this tag.  However, Jeff,
go ahead and move 'em ... +1 here!

>This module has been used successfully by a number of people in the
>time that it has been available in experimental.  I think it is time
>to make it supported and available for --enable-modules=most so that
>it is present in a binbuild for Unix.
>Currently there are two open PRs for mod_ext_filter:
>  (PDF generated in a filter not handled properly by IE; probably an
>  IE issue, since we would chunk the response and a MS KnowledgeBase
>  article says that IE requires a Content-Length header to deal with
>  PDFs properly)
>  (ActiveState Perl CGI not seeing eof on stdin; whether or not this
>  is a mod_ext_filter problem, we build mod_ext_filter by default on
>  Win32 anyway)
>Is anyone against moving it to modules/filters for 2.0.stable?

Absolutely no objection.  I'll take a look at that later bug today [since
it impacts things several ways.]

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