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From Henri Gomez <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] mod_deflate extensions
Date Mon, 25 Nov 2002 11:57:25 GMT
>> Ok, let be pragmatic. Did Apache HTTP developpers agree that
>> compression should be added in Apache 2.0 by incorporating mod_gzip
>> comp code in Apache 2.0 ?
> mod_deflate is already there and it uses an external zlib library, so 
> I'm confused why we should also provide mod_gzip and/or its proprietary 
> compression code.

I'm fine with mod_deflate, my only request will be to make it built by 
default by configure/make if configure find a zlib shared lib or dll on 
the build machine.

> mod_gzip is freely available, and the ASF doesn't need to distribute it 
> (Remote Communications evangelizes it enough).  One of the main reasons 
> for selecting mod_deflate was that it didn't unnecessarily duplicate 
> code.  Less code is better.   We don't need to repackage zlib.  I have 
> no desire for us to compete with the zlib maintainers. We have enough 
> work as-is.  -- justin

The idea was to make APR support zlib to make mod_deflate or others 
modules, I speak about mod_jk2 future requirements, William about 
mod_proxy current'one.

I think we could have APR hidding zlib the same way it does for DBM.

What do you think ?

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