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From Estrade Matthieu <>
Subject r->server->port = 80 = ap_default_port on a request to port 8095
Date Fri, 22 Nov 2002 17:44:16 GMT

I will try to draw the problem i got today with r->server->port

I am in reverse proxy with apache 2.0 (cvs last checkout)
i have UseCanonicalName Off

I am behing a  INTEL SSL Accelerator which connect on my apache reverse 
proxy on port 8095
but it never put in the request the port 8095

so apache receive
GET /lala.html HTTP/1.1

my vhost is:

NameVirtualHost ip:8095

<virtualhost ip:8095>

When my module is checking the server->port, it find 80 instead of 8095
When i setup UseCanonicalName On, my module find the 8095 in server->port.

when i read the server/core.c i find:

for UseCannonicalName Off:

 port = r->parsed_uri.port ? r->parsed_uri.port :
            r->server->port ? r->server->port :

can somebody could explain me why it's not trying the 
r->connection->local_addr->port  like:

 port = r->parsed_uri.port ? r->parsed_uri.port :
            r->server->port ? r->server->port :
            r->connection->local_addr->port ? 
r->connection->local_addr->port :

before sending the default port.
I think it's for special case but i would like to know which one.

I am now using directly r->connection->local_addr->port in my module so 
it's working fine.


Estrade Matthieu

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