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From Henri Gomez <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] mod_deflate extensions
Date Fri, 22 Nov 2002 11:03:56 GMT
> I also refer you to the discussion thread regarding the
> original inclusion of mod_deflate which contains some
> 'advice' posted to the Apache forum from Dr. Mark Adler
> ( one of the original authors of all this GZIP/ZLIB LZ77
> code ).
> He suggested that compiling your OWN version of GZIP/ZLIB
> was pretty much the only 'sane' thing to do and I agree
> 100%. There are actually a number of 'flaky' distributions
> of GZIP/ZLIB 'out there'.
> He ( Mark Adler ) himself pointed out that there are 
> some 'patches' floating around for GZIP/ZLIB that never 
> made it into ANY standard distribution and only by applying 
> them yourself to your own compiled OBJ/LIB could you be
> sure what you are actually using and what shape it is in.

So we should use a copy of mod_gzip compression code in Apache 2.0.
Also as someone involved in mod_jk/jk2, I'll need gzip 
compress/uncompress support in Apache 2.0 for a new ajp protocol I'm 
working on, so having compression/uncompression in Apache 2.0 will be 
mandatory for me.

> If they REALLY WANT some 'feature' in their Server... they
> will tough it out and get it done. That's the way it's 
> always been with Apache so no one would be shocked if some LIB 
> wasn't in the right place or a makefile needed tweaking.

Ok, let be pragmatic. Did Apache HTTP developpers agree that compression
should be added in Apache 2.0 by incorporating mod_gzip comp code in 
Apache 2.0 ?

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