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From Henri Gomez <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] mod_deflate extensions
Date Thu, 21 Nov 2002 15:58:06 GMT
>>So what about for 2.0.45 dev ?
> My prediction about interest in such a switch was independent of
> timeframe.  I doubt that such a switch will ever happen.

2.0.44 won't be the last 2.0 release isn't it ?

>>What do you means ?
>>- Put zlib full source tree in Apache 2.0 tree and make
>>   a static build ?
> not all of zlib is necessary...  and if we build zlib as a
> library (instead of pulling specific objects into we
> have portability problems to deal with...

We could grab the compression part, like does mod_gzip, mod_gzip even 
use zlib includes.

>>- Put part of zlib code in Apache 2.0 source ?
> that is what I suspect to be the safest, easiest-to-understand way...
> the build would work like on Windows, where the project file for
> mod_deflate pulls in the right parts when building


> another nice feature of this is that if we know we are using our build
> of the zlib source then we can turn on the zlib compile option to
> namespace-protect the zlib routines and then change mod_deflate to
> assume that (but perhaps the compile switch will make mod_deflate use
> the namespace-protected versions automatically anyway)...  OtherBill
> mentioned this namespace protection before but I haven't had a chance
> to play with it

Or what about adding zlib compression in APR project, which is more 
system related and use it ? The APR 0.9 branch is still open ?

> I already saw a user having problems because a shared library used by
> a 3rd party module also had a routine called crc32().

Yes, and I've encountered problem with mod_gzip because one the PHP 
module was linked against ct_lib ;)

>>- or make configure detect zlib shared lib and make mod_deflate
>>   available by default ?
> if this can be made foolproof then this is perhaps a good option
> too...  but I'm not sure that is portable on whether the DSO needs to
> be linked with zlib or whether httpd needs to be linked with zlib...
> and if httpd needs to be linked with zlib then the export file
> generation needs to do the right thing...  IIRC, one solution that
> would work fine on Linux and Solaris and FreeBSD wouldn't work on
> HP-UX (I might have the platforms listed in the wrong place; maybe AIX
> was one of the platforms)...

So extracting zlib source part and include them in Apache or APR seems 
to be the best solution.

> --/--
> The reason I'm being a real stick-in-the-mud about this is because
> Apache users already seem to have enough trouble getting Apache to
> build out of the box, usually because of some screwy setup or other
> unexpected conditions that nobody can ever reproduce, and it is very
> difficult for me to accept that some quick change to turn on
> mod_deflate is going to do anything other than increase these
> problems, particularly since I committed various "user errors" myself
> getting consistent builds of mod_deflate and zlib.  (Heck, I even
> broke the cvs executable on one machine before I found out what was
> going on :) )

Under Linux I've got little problem, but it's a widely used and 
supported OS ;)

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